Alexander Bitar History is an internationally acclaimed dealer of high-end and rare original historical objects. The variety is huge as it can be everything from a handwritten letter by Galileo Galilei to a stage-worn sparkling crystal-covered glove by Michael Jackson. However, the lead word is always quality. Everything we sell is original, extremely rare and out of highest international quality; items that indeed would be a highlight in museums all over the world. As members of The Manuscript Society and UACC, we are very keen on good service and building long-time relationships with our clients. We offer important items that has changed the world as we know it today, thus our philosophy: We Sell History.

Invest In History

Historical items have been around for as long as history itself, but it hasn’t been viewed upon as a personal enjoyment or as investments until recent years. It’s very seldom to invest in fully unique and one-of-a-kind type of assets as everything from business shares to gold bars are available in high units. By buying e.g. Napoleon Bonaparte’s personal pocket watch, you know that it’s the only one of its kind in the world. That’s a very strong selling point as high-end people want to purchase unique items.

Another unique selling point with the items that we offer is that their value is generally not affected at all by financial crises. We know by experience and public record that the value of high-end collectibles is increasing year-by-year. The reason is rather simple – there will always be wealthy people and people of high dignitary that want nothing but the best. So when we talk about quality, it’s not only in terms of the item being very important in a historical point-of-view but also solid in an investment point-of-view. In brief, one could say that the items that we offer are strong investments and incredibly important and wonderful historical pieces.

Lifetime Guarantee

Authenticity is the most important thing! We collaborate with leading experts in different fields to ensure that our products are fully authentic. The buyer will receive a signed and dated Alexander Bitar History letter of authenticity that guarantees the authenticity as described, with lifetime guarantee including a full money-back warranty. Other documentation, such as third-party letters of authenticity and letters of provenance will always be included if available.​

Payment and shipment

All items in our current inventory are professionally stored in museum storage and will be shipped in a very secure and expeditious manner to the buyer with FedEx Intl. Priority. Please note that no additional buyer's premium will be added, nor any kind of shipping cost. We prefer a wire transfer as payment; meanwhile other payment methods may be arranged. ​


The identifications of our clients are strictly confidential.

The only exception to the above would be if the buyer would prefer otherwise. However, sales can be conducted in a completely private matter. Following a sale, we ask our clients for permission to keep the item(s) on our website for viewing as a sold lot(s). Note that personal information provided to us by our clients are treated extremely confidentially, with no exclusions. Alexander Bitar History only use the information to provide clients with our services and/or to respond to our client’s requests. None of the personal information is stored on our website, and thus we provide no online process for individuals to review and request changes to any of their personally identifiable information provided to us. ​