The Queen Jacket

You know the saying – sometimes it’s just too good to be true. Well, it does say “sometimes”. Not “always”. That indicates that in some cases it’s too good, but it’s still true! As a dealer of collectibles, I’ve been offered a lot of items. People contact me in regard of selling items and I welcome that with open arms. However, even though if people have good faith, the vast majority of all collectibles out in the market are fakes. Perhaps it’s about the signature being forged or perhaps the provenance is taken out of the blue. That’s why I’m always skeptical. I always assume that everything is fake. Then I try to persuade myself that it’s in fact the real thing.

I remember it quite well. The day I got contacted to buy, what I now refer it as, The Queen Jacket. It’s simply a jacket that has a connection to Queen. Not Queen as in Her Majesty, but Queen as in one of the greatest musical contributions the world has ever seen. I was asked to buy a jacket that the lead singer of Queen, the great Freddie Mercury had used. “Can this be the real thing?”, I asked myself. Yes, it is, I later said (again, to myself). By making the proper research, I realized that this is not just an item that Freddie Mercury had used, I was an item that Mercury used several times on stage in 1986 during the last Queen tour with Mercury… I got to see live footage of Freddie Mercury performing the classic song We Will Rock You at Wembley Stadium in 1986 wearing this very jacket!

After seeing that footage I was determent to do everything in my power to purchase the item in question. Happy ending? Yes! I got it!

Mercury taught us that the show must go on, and that’s why I sold the jacket a few months afterwards. Do I regret it? Of course! I regret every single sale I’ve ever done. Letting go of history isn’t easy.

Mr. Alexander Bitar