The Pope Collection

Today, the world’s most respected and powerful office is the held by the President of the United States. That’s an office that dates back to 1789 – almost 230 years ago. Many miles away from the White House, we find Buckingham Palace. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is the current monarch of the United Kingdom. The first ever monarch of England gained the thrown in 871.

However, there’s one office – from a historical point of view – that outdo all other offices. In the first of April in the year of 33 AD, Peter was announced as first Pope of the Roman Catholic Church. Peter later became Saint Peter, and today, nearly two thousand years later, His Holiness Pope Francis is the 266th successor of Saint Peter.

We often define a Pope from his white outfit; a tradition started by Pope Innocent V in 1276. The single most iconic and significant part of the clothing is the small white hat, also known as a zucchetto or a calotte. From the moment he wakes up, until the moment he falls asleep, the white zucchetto is placed on the head of the Pope.

A zucchetto is a private property of the Pope. Although it’s possible, yet very rare, sometimes the Pope gives away his zucchetto to a lucky man or woman in the St. Peter’s Square. It’s also possible that the Pope donates a zucchetto to charity or perhaps to a museum of some kind. With that being written, it’s extremely uncommon to actually own a zucchetto that’s been personally owned and used by a Pope. Alexander Bitar History are therefore very proud to exclusively offer four different zucchetto’s that’s been personally owned and used by Pope Pius X (pp. 1903-1914), Pope Pius XII (pp. 1939-1958), Pope Benedict XVI (pp. 2005-2013) and Pope Francis (pp. 2013-). All four items are accompanied with certifications of authenticity from the Vatican themselves. The authenticity is as solid as it gets, the provenance likewise. The historical value is not only incredible – it’s invaluable!

With this sale, it’s fair to say that Alexander Bitar History are not only selling history, but also making history. Never before has a collection of this kind been offered for sale.