Mr. Alexander Bitar


My name is Alexander Bitar. As the founder and owner of Alexander Bitar History, I’m the key figure of the company.

It all began as a fun thing! I collected various items and I was constantly buying and selling. By time I realized that I could re-sell an item on the very same platform, e.g. Ebay, only a week after I bought it, and yet make a great profit. I understood that it’s all about how you sell an item; with professionalism and customer service as fundamental elements. At that time, the price tags were around $50 USD – or, in a good day, slightly above $100 USD. Today I sell items for $100,000+ USD.

It’s not just the price that’s significantly higher – it’s also the quality. Alexander Bitar History deals exclusively with extremely rare and important HIGH-END historical items of different kind. In short, it’s mainly items connected to important historical people or important historical happenings. One example of the latter is the surrender agreement – a document dated May 7, 1945 in which Germany surrenders the Second World War. In other words, our “We Sell History” slogan is as spot on as it can be!

With items of such high international quality, the business has devolved from just making money into being an important figure with the mission of strengthen and preserving culture heritage. Hence our newly updated strategy of working closely with several museums and institutions all around the world to either donate items ourselves or help them to find donors that purchase items from us with the intention to donate.

The business was originally established in Stockholm, Sweden. By time, an international clientele was proven and today we sell worldwide. In 2019, we establish Alexander Bitar History in Beverly Hills, LA to strengthen our work in the United States, which is our most important market.

We will do our very best to keep making history – by selling history.

Thank you!
Yours sincerely,
Alexander Bitar