Bob Dylan

The earliest known Bob Dylan harmonica ever offered for sale!

Bob Dylan's personally owned and stage-played, heavily-used M. Hohner harmonica in A minor and a neck stand. The harmonica was given away by Dylan in 1961, a few months prior to Dylan’s debut album and his later world-wide fame. Due to the fact that Dylan gave away this heavily-used harmonica in 1961, it’s reasonable to state that it shaped Dylan to become one of the all-time greatest singer-songwriters. Listening to Dylan’s music, you’ll notice that the harmonica is very important and significant for Dylan and is included in almost all his classic songs.

Only a handful of instruments owned by Bob Dylan has ever been offered for sale. This is the earliest known harmonica that Dylan owned. It's pre-fame and before all of his success, which makes it even more interesting. Indeed, a truly important piece of pop culture!

Condition: The harmonica is heavily-used, yet intact with minor restoration of three screws only.

Provenance: Letter of provenance by Peter McKenzie dated July 27 1994 in which he writes: "This A Hohner Marine Band harmonica was played extensively by Bob Dylan and was given to me along with a note when Bob moved out of my parent's apartment in September of 1961" and a photo copy of Bob Dylans note: "These are for you. They are a bit worn but still good! Bob". The items sold as lot 446 (2) by Sotheby's New York in September 18 1996. Letter of authenticity from Alexander Bitar Collectibles.
Bob Dylan
Peter McKenzie 1961-1994
Wayne Rogers 1994-1996
Private collection, USA 1996-

Price: Upon request

The Pope Collection

Never before has such an impressive papal collection been offered for sale...

Four personally owned and used zucchetto's by four different Popes of the Roman Catholic Church. In order:

H.H. Pope Pius X (pp. 1903-1914)
H.H. Pope Pius XII (pp. 1939-1958)
H.H. Pope Benedict XVI (pp. 2005-2013)
H.H. Pope Francis (pp. 2013-)

A Pope is often defined by his white outfit; a tradition started by Pope Innocent V in 1276. The single most important, significant and iconic part of the clothing is the small white hat, also known as a zucchetto or a calotte. From the moment he wakes up, until the moment he falls asleep, the white zucchetto is placed on the head of the Pope.

The white zucchetto is a personal and private property of the Pope. It's indeed extremely uncommon for items like these to leave the Vatican.

All four zucchetto's of this sale are accompanied with an individual exclusive mahogany box with red inner velvet pieces and gold details including a personalized gold-plated name sign on the outside of the box.

Size: Approximately 6.5 to 7.5 in. / 16,5 to 18 cm in diameter for all four zucchetto's individually.

Condition: All four zucchetto's are in used condition. The Pope Francis and the Pope Benedict XVI zucchetto's are in very good condition; with small pin holes, which are somewhat difficult to see. The Pope Pius XII and the Pope Pius X zucchetto's are slightly discolored on the inside due to heavily using; the latter has four miner hatches on the outside.

Provenance: Pope Pius X: Certification from the Vatican dated 1911, written in French “Calotte portèe par Sa Saintetè Pie X” (English: "Used calotte by His Holiness Pius X"); Private collection, Italy; Letter of authenticity from Alexander Bitar Collectibles.

Pope Pius XII: Certification from the Vatican dated 1957, written in Italian “Lo Zucchetto bianco che viene consegnato con questo biglietto è stato usato da Sua Santità PIO XII, felicemente regnante” (English: "The white zucchetto that is accompanied with this card has been used by His Holiness Pius XII, reigning"); Private collection, USA; Letter of authenticity from Alexander Bitar Collectibles.

Pope Benedict XVI: Certification from the Vatican dated 2014, written i Italian “Si certifica che l’accluso zucchetto è stato portato da Sua Santità Benedetto XVI, Papa emirito” (English: "It is certified that the accompanied zucchetto was worn by His Holiness Benedict XVI, Pope Emeritus"); Private collection, Italy; Letter of authenticity from Alexander Bitar Collectibles.

Pope Francis: Certification from the Vatican dated 2015, written in Italian “Si certifica che l’accluso zucchetto è stato portato da Sua Santità, Papa Francesco” (English: "It is certified that the accompanied zucchetto was worn by His Holiness Pope Francis"); Private collection, Italy; Letter of authenticity from Alexander Bitar History.

Price: Upon request

Note that the majority of the proceeds of this sale will go to charity for children in need.

Freddie Mercury

Iconic stage-worn jacket by the icon himself!

A red and white cotton twill military-inspired jacket with straps and buckles that was worn by Freddie Mercury during numerous of shows during Queen’s 1986 "Magic Tour". The Magic Tour was Queen’s biggest tour and also Mercury’s final tour with the band. The jacket was designed by Diana Moseley, who designed many of the band member's costumes. Moseley and Mercury worked closely during the design process of his tour costumes.

The Magic Tour is arguably the most iconic and appreciated tour that Queen ever held. From this tour, Queen has since released Live at Wembley '86, Live Magic, and Live in Budapest.

The jacket was gifted from Queen’s management to Irena Sedlecka, a renowned sculptor who created a statue of Mercury wearing the costume that was unveiled in Montreux, Switzerland in 1996. This is a prime memorabilia of the front man of one of popular music's most commercially successful and important bands of all time!

Note that the third photograph shows Mercury wearing this very jacket at Wembley Stadium in London, England November 7 1986, whilst the forth photograph is from July 27 1986 at Népstadion in Budapest, Hungary.


Condition: In used, yet very fine condition.

Provenance: Freddie Mercury/Queen; Irena Sedlecka; Private collection, USA. Letter of authenticity from Alexander Bitar History.


John Lennon

Lennon's broken pair of glasses!

A vintage antique pair of Windsor glasses (spectacles) that was personally owned and used by John Lennon. These pair was given by Lennon to one of his gardener's at Tittenhurst Park in Ascot in the winter of 1969. At the time, one of the glass lens was broken, so the gardener removed both glass lenses, making the pair of glasses glass-free.

Lennon used many different pair of glasses which can be seen on many photographs, both promotional and private. The Windsor glasses was one of his favorites as he used them on recurring occasions, including the filming of the iconic "Imagine" music video and the "White Album" promotional photographs.

It seldom to see personally owned items by Lennon offered for sale. In this case, with such an iconic piece of Lennon's outer appearance the demand for the item is even greater. Truly a tremendous collectible!


Condition: Very fine vintage condition, note that there's no glass – only frame.

Provenance: John Lennon; Lennon's gardener Iván; Iván's daughter Sofia. Letter of provenance from the previous owner. Letter of authenticity from Perry Cox. Letter of authenticity from Alexander Bitar History.